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March of Time

Entering our third week of building this business leaves us with a growing, and glowing, sense of satisfaction. The hardest may yet come, inasmuch as building our portfolio of designs. We have no lack of ideas, and have several projects in the design process, with a backlog of projects up for modeling in our software. It will be in the marketing where we’ll see our greatest challenges, since our customer base will drive the majority of our production, thereby driving the portfolio offerings.

We hope to have one to three items in each of six photo albums by end of May, with designs continually added as soon as they are completed. Practical use items will dominate for the intial entries, but our heart lies in art and customizeable design and with that, we continue to have some interesting feedback from our new fans, in the design of a particular line of character figures. That will follow immediately and as we get up to speed in our organic design software.

We also encourage you to drop us a note to tell us any items of your own personal interest, or to offer any other suggestions. Please keep in mind that our production is based on the concept of providing single item design to our customers. We like nothing more than making our design process personally customized to you, and making it available only to you, no matter if we produce one item, or several. Variations on your model are also possible if you desire more “action” in your design. You drive your idea, we are your production tool.

Quote of the week:

“When the image is new, the world is new.”
– Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

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Progression of Falling Dominoes

We won’t bore you with the day to day details of organizing the business segments, but we are happy to report that everything is running like clockwork and we continue to keep ahead of schedule regarding the milestones of our business plan. This includes the comparison between our existing design software and use of the new software we have been testing.

We have decided to use the new organic design software in addition to our current in-house program, but we have a steep learning curve ahead of us in the excellent training courses offered by the developers. We hope to be sufficiently trained to allow us to keep to the timeline of our business plan and have organic designs modeled and available for inclusion in our catalog of albums by end of May.

Investigation into the offsite payment process, and file services, continues and we have, so far, found excellent results in the professionalism and quality of the proposals we have encountered, in regard to our concern over security issues both for ourselves and of our customers.

To this point things are going much more smoothly than we had anticipated, let us hope this continues to be so.

In closing, I would like to point out the obvious. Our mentality is so ingrained in accepting mass production that we never consider it, it disappears into our consciousness so completely that it lacks interest and becomes unnoticeable. So take a few seconds of your day, stop and take a look at the everyday items you use and ask yourself, “Could this be better designed to suit my own personal comfort and style”? Then it will become interesting.

Quote of the week:

“Design is where science and art break even.”

-Robin Mathew

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Since the website came online on March 3, our marketing plan is ahead of schedule by 12 weeks, although unforeseen circumstances are sure to erode some of that buffer. The original timeline was to have a modest collection of 3D models, rendered in 2D format, for inclusion in the photo albums by the end of May, to be continuously updated. The following month would begin the process of 3D printing those models for inclusion in the albums, for visual comparison between the renderings and final product.

Our intention is to market highly personalized design for the individual customer. Our offerings may include, but not be limited to, household and decorative items, jewelry, character and fantasy figures. For the small business, or home office use, promotional items and office accessories, and for a more ambitious marketing tool we can offer more complex models for trade shows or marketing events.

We are currently testing a new software that will allow us to sculpt, and also provide us with the capability of mold making, more efficiently than our current software. Jewelry or candle makers may find the mold making forms of particular interest.

The available materials that are now offered for 3D printing include plastics, wood, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and variations of synthetic materials in various colors.

At this time, we will not offer metals formed through a casting process, but offer only the molds to do so, dependent on your design requirements. As always, due to the limitations of the 3D printing process, some detail may be unattainable or mold marks may require further refinement by the customer.

We are now investigating outsourcing of our files and payment process to an offsite cloud service that will provide a greater security guarantee and backup and redundancy features.

We’ll update our progress about once a week, so again, please bear with us as we move forward.

Quote of the week:

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” Paul Rand