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Loose Ends

A disappointing snag has interrupted our business plan. We’ve been informed that we cannot trademark our own design output until we have a product out in the public domain. Which seems counterproductive to me. Why would one put a design out into the public before it’s protected? So our initial items will be available for public consumption in the opening phase, to be followed at a later date with another attempt to trademark our own design line.

At the end of this week, and as you read this, we will have purchased an additional year of training classes, in the geometric software, that will keep us updated with additional subject matter as they are added to the software developer’s bag of tricks and tips. There is a very steep initial learning curve, but we understand the software is consistently considered one of the top of the line offerings in quality.

Additionally, our polling and market research has led us to a trove of ideas for figure models. We’ve also seen some exciting things that can be accomplished with a hand held scanner. Demonstrations of scanned actual human figures, in a variety of poses, with amazing accuracy in detail have shown astonishing results and we are excited to try our own hand at this. We have also found a “bank” of 3D figure models that can be manipulated to our own needs, so the speed with which we can tweak our designs grows ever smaller.

It’s also been brought to our attention that many simple items that might take six weeks for a larger manufacturer to finish could be produced by us in a third of the time. We continue to be excited about our futue prospects in the many different areas of “on-demand” production.

Quote of the week:

“Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humours.”

-George Santayana

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