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The Crew

This blog often uses “we” or “I” interchangeably when writing about this business. At the moment, “we” are a crew of three. I am the proprietor, responsible for the departmental activities and overall management of advanc3Design. I’m also the chief designer, but I couldn’t do this without the help of two most trusted “partners”.

My deepest thanks and gratitude must be given to my social networking partner, without whose contribution of time and editing of these blogs, and social networking sites, would not allow much of my own time to be directed to the more detailed matters of research and financing the many aspects of this business. This person is in the beginning phase of her career, as an accomplished writer and author of her own Gothic, horror and fantasy novels or short stories and has some recent small success with her own published works.

We must also give credit to another “partner” whose research and forwards of many brilliant ideas, websites and craftwork from around the world are the basis of the many projects in our library. Her masters university studies required development of teaching skills in a multitude of art genres, to students of primary grades to university-level preparation.

It should be noted that each of us reside in different countries. The U.S., Germany and Ukraine respectively.

I also have a stable of contract designers here, all former coworkers, with expert skills in 3D design and 3D design software. As designers, we are all skilled in structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, piping, and robotics, in land, offshore and deepsea design to name a few disciplines. With our current stable of contributors, I feel we have the woman/ man power to tackle a job of any size, limited only by the output of our equipment and imagination.

To all, I give my deep gratitude and thanks.

Quote of the week:

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination”.
-Henry David Thoreau

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