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Here’s an interesting twist on DIY object printing, as shown below. Though advertised as a 3D printer, a more accurate description might be laser cutter, although this device also applies printing to curved surfaces. The promotion more likely refers to the overall design of the outer casing since it most resembles a desktop document printer in appearance although quite a bit larger.

The response for this product is tremendous, due to its ease of use, and that it doesn’t require separate 3D modeling software. The equipment in our own shop is not as cost prohibitive, with the difference being in the of use of our own separate high-end geometric and organic design softwares.

On the business front, we should begin acquiring hardware and equipment upgrades by the middle of this month with test production startup as soon as the equipment is in house and is calibrated. Our first test production models will begin with emphasis on optimization of design, and quality control. Our fantasy model portfolio is extensive, but still in the process of design modifications, since we’ve yet to apply our new organic design software enhancements, and in preliminary production we may find that some models may prove to be less suitable for 3D printing than others. At this time we have more than one hundred models in our fantasy design folders, with more ideas in our files yet to be developed. Quality control will ensure first uploads to the website portfolios.

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“Everything is design. Everything”! Paul Rand

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