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Technological Advances

An interesting race is heating up the 3D printing industry with the latest versions of 3D printer design. ILI or Intelligent Liquid Interface is the latest application for 3D printing methods.

As demonstrated by NewPro3D, this machine produces in 4.5 minutes what takes the next fastest competitor 180 minutes to produce. I want one. There have been some questions from skeptics as to the quality of the finished print, but since the first consumer models aren’t scheduled for delivery until the end of the year, reviews are not available at the present time. Another company, UNIZ offers a competetive product.

The developments in 3D printing technology and design are coming fast and furiously and I have no doubt that these machines will become obsolete in a short couple of years. Prices keep dropping as well and what was priced at three to five thousand dollars last year may find their way to below a thousand in the next year or so. The age of micro manufacturing is on the doorstep of home based businesses.

Quote of the week:

“You have to be interested in culture to design for it”.
– Lorraine Wild

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