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I found a very interesting application that would add great value to our models. Called Kliar E-Coating, it is a nano-ceramic organic coating that rivals enamel finishing. This would enable us to add various finishes to our jewelry designs, or applications other than paint to other models, that would be more durable and long lasting.


Once again, setbacks continue to plague our output, this time on the design and modeling side. The last three design attempts have hit some snags and have lost us at least a week in submitting the finished models for upload to this website. The fault lies in radial lofts and extrusions of adjacent body faces. This will obviously limit some of our future design ideas. All we can do is keep testing our next design ideas for viability and trust that we won’t find too many that can’t be developed.

On another front, I may have found a shortcut for our training, in the casting department. The safety and proper use of a welding torch, and selection of welding equipment is crucial to melting metal in a centrifugal crucible prior to injection into an investment mold. Plans were to begin training at the end of August, but we may actually begin sometime next week. A savings of a month. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this may come to pass.

A personal note here. I feel that I should explain I feel somewhat vexed that I’m not following my original design intent of providing 3D models in the form of industrial design for business or fantasy figures for the individual. The former shows a weak market, due to a worldwide economic slowdown, for the area of expertise I’m most familiar with, and the latter is dependent on the organic design software training yet to be completed. The current design output in the area of jewelry items is merely a temporary device to allow us a way of keeping the business viable while we continue our endeavors towards the original intent.

Quote of the week:

There are hurdles, there are handicaps, hardships you have to face in life, but you hope for a great future.
-Anil Kapoor

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This past week has two designs in the making. I’m modeling a ring based on Maquizcoatl, the double-headed serpent from Aztec folklore; and a pendant, designed from the maquahuitl. Time seems to be passing faster and faster as I look at the calendar weeks whizzing by and I could swear the work week feels like it’s three days long by the time the next weekend arrives. I wish I could get these models done in a week but I have about a dozen left to make.

I seriously misjudged the time frame for learning the organic design software. I thought it might take no more than six weeks to learn but I fear it looks more like six months. Not good. It starts and stops due to the many other things that need attention. It chafes me that I’m taken away from the fantasy modeling because of this and have been diverted to designing other things. Most of the designs seen on the webpages are things I like, and a few are suggestions from the crew. I hope at least some of them are interesting to my readers. As always comments are welcomed and appreciated, whether positive or negative.

I have decided to concentrate, as much as is possible, on one area of business at a time,
although anyone that’s developed a startup business will tell you that so many things run
concurrently it’s impossible to put everything aside at any given moment. Please bear with us as we try to beat the clock.

Quote of the week:

“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week”.
-Charles Richards

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The key is to “keep your eye on the prize”. I see so many possibilities ahead, although at times those may seem just out of reach. I’m satisfied with all the new knowledge we’re picking up, since much of it stimulates ideas in other directions, but the training itself isn’t moving quite as fast as I had hoped. So much to do, so little time. The scheduling of the classes is out of my control so we can only wait for the final two classes to start up, in another 6 weeks.

Still, it’s a very satisfying experience and at some point I know I’ll miss the “traveling” part once we’ve reached our destination.

I’m working on several designs for the existing portfolio folders, and I have two more folders in mind which will be posted after the existing ones are completed, although they are directed more to business-to-business than to end consumer. The online organic software class is giving us trouble, it’s not well organized and not as learning friendly as I expected. Portions of it are based on intuitive thinking and testing rather than outright explanation. An unexpected curve. The previous six high end commercial softwares I was trained in showed you how to use a particular design function for particular solutions with a one-on-one instructor. You asked a question, it was answered. There was no testing involved.

So we go forward, one step at a time, expecting to meet our milestones. Looking forward to our October opening.

Quote of the week:

“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!”
– Dr. Seuss

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Light at the End of the Tunnel


After some sidesteps and misdirection the site is finally taking on the appearance we are looking for. With that layout now tidied up we can return to the organic software tutorials and also continue developing additional designs that I’ll add to the portfolio projects.

I found a glitch in the design software I’m using to upload to our website. After another attempt to upload a sixth finished design I see that the photo capture function is clipping off the bottom portion of the screenshot. So now with two design upload attempts I’m having trouble with, I’ll have to find a different method of capturing the stills for inclusion to their respective portfolio pages.

A recent addition to the Goth portfolio leaves us with only two more project folders to add and to be announced at a later date. The existing folders will, of course, have more items added to them in the next couple of weeks.

Quote of the week:

“The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight”.
-Mark Caine

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My apologies for the constant updates to this website. We happened to choose a time when the site providers were also updating their templates, along with the one we are revising. It took some online chatting with the developers to find out how to toggle between the old and new HTML functions still controlling the layout parameters, some functions work in the old one, some functions work in the new one. We are still not complete with the home page formatting but we’ll try to keep the interruptions to a minimum and as the developer completes their updates.

As you see, I’ve added four of five completed models, but I’m having trouble with the last upload, which for some reason can’t be captured by the website. I also have a couple of kinetic models I’m working on that will be added to a new “Goth” folder.

I visited a welding training center today to gain knowledge on using an oxy-propane torch. Rather than using an outdoor foundry casting furnace, it’s more convenient and less time-consuming (and costly) to melt metals in the centrifugal casting arm crucible just before injection into the mold. After completing the welding course and a metalsmithing class, that should put us on track to open doors about a month ahead of schedule, although October is still the date we’re shooting for. All that remains is to complete the organic design software classes to get to the original production intent of fantasy figures.

Quote of the week:

“Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity”.
-Christopher Zeeman