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My apologies for the constant updates to this website. We happened to choose a time when the site providers were also updating their templates, along with the one we are revising. It took some online chatting with the developers to find out how to toggle between the old and new HTML functions still controlling the layout parameters, some functions work in the old one, some functions work in the new one. We are still not complete with the home page formatting but we’ll try to keep the interruptions to a minimum and as the developer completes their updates.

As you see, I’ve added four of five completed models, but I’m having trouble with the last upload, which for some reason can’t be captured by the website. I also have a couple of kinetic models I’m working on that will be added to a new “Goth” folder.

I visited a welding training center today to gain knowledge on using an oxy-propane torch. Rather than using an outdoor foundry casting furnace, it’s more convenient and less time-consuming (and costly) to melt metals in the centrifugal casting arm crucible just before injection into the mold. After completing the welding course and a metalsmithing class, that should put us on track to open doors about a month ahead of schedule, although October is still the date we’re shooting for. All that remains is to complete the organic design software classes to get to the original production intent of fantasy figures.

Quote of the week:

“Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity”.
-Christopher Zeeman

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