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I found a very interesting application that would add great value to our models. Called Kliar E-Coating, it is a nano-ceramic organic coating that rivals enamel finishing. This would enable us to add various finishes to our jewelry designs, or applications other than paint to other models, that would be more durable and long lasting.


Once again, setbacks continue to plague our output, this time on the design and modeling side. The last three design attempts have hit some snags and have lost us at least a week in submitting the finished models for upload to this website. The fault lies in radial lofts and extrusions of adjacent body faces. This will obviously limit some of our future design ideas. All we can do is keep testing our next design ideas for viability and trust that we won’t find too many that can’t be developed.

On another front, I may have found a shortcut for our training, in the casting department. The safety and proper use of a welding torch, and selection of welding equipment is crucial to melting metal in a centrifugal crucible prior to injection into an investment mold. Plans were to begin training at the end of August, but we may actually begin sometime next week. A savings of a month. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this may come to pass.

A personal note here. I feel that I should explain I feel somewhat vexed that I’m not following my original design intent of providing 3D models in the form of industrial design for business or fantasy figures for the individual. The former shows a weak market, due to a worldwide economic slowdown, for the area of expertise I’m most familiar with, and the latter is dependent on the organic design software training yet to be completed. The current design output in the area of jewelry items is merely a temporary device to allow us a way of keeping the business viable while we continue our endeavors towards the original intent.

Quote of the week:

There are hurdles, there are handicaps, hardships you have to face in life, but you hope for a great future.
-Anil Kapoor

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