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I posted a pendant a couple of days ago in the Aztec folder, Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent. I am particularly pleased with this effort as it’s comprised of one hundred separate pieces. Take a look if you have a minute to spare.

The design I’m working on at the moment is a tribal version of Xochipilli. Xochipilli ‘Prince of Flowers’ was the Mesoamerican god of summer, flowers, pleasure, love, dancing, painting, feasting, creativity and souls. He was associated with butterflies, poetry and the 11th of the 20 Aztec days: Ozomatli (Monkey). Generally speaking, he was thought of as a youthful care-free pleasure-seeker with a playful mischievous streak. I intend to design it as a ring, although the detail may prove to be too intricate, in that case sizing it as a pendant may be more appropriate.

The Goth folder has its quota of six designs which will suffice for now, while I commit to the other folders. Due to the intricacy of the Aztec designs, the output of the design factory has slowed. Those designs can take anywhere from a week to ten days each.

I have another three designs selected for the Women’s Jewelry folder which I may work on
concurrently with the Aztec designs. The Steampunk folder is still pending. I have two designs scheduled for that, but still need to make a decision for the other three that remain.

Quote of the week:

“Nothing will work unless you do”.
– Maya Angelou

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