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Riding the Wave


Keep on an even keel in the midst of stormy seas. We were out of business for 31 hours due to equipment failure. Our I.T. froze during a critical software upgrade. We’re back in business but it was a few scary hours there.

Our modeling is moving forward but still needs a couple or three more days to complete Xochipilli. The design looks deceptively simple, but once started became far more complex than Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent was, with far less individual pieces. Too late to turn back now after the time invested in the design.

We recently received a special request from one of our area private schools, the Redd School, to volunteer some time to provide support for their science and robotics lab, for preparation in national competition. We are pleased to volunteer our time and support in this important endeavor and look forward to providing any assistance we can in the way of 3D modeling and engineering design software instruction. More information will follow in later blogs as the school year develops.

We start our final metal-smith class on the last Tuesday in August and will end the first Tuesday of October. We are strained to meet our original October opening, and the 6 weeks we lost early in the business accounts setup is to blame. That which we had no control over. It may mean pushing our opening back those six weeks or if we make a final great push we can shave three weeks off of that and open mid November. Our original timeline was nine months to a year to develop all we needed to have a clean start. October is eight months from acquiring our business license in the first week of March, so we are actually keeping to the original time-frame plus or minus a month.

Quote of the week:

“Great design is great complexity presented via simplicity”.
-M. Cobanli

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