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Almost There


I added three more designs this week, two in the Steampunk folder and one in the Aztec folder. I have one more design for the Steampunk folder which will be uploaded sometime later today. That will leave seven more designs to be developed for the remaining folders, which I hope will not take more than two weeks. From that point we should finish the equipment purchases by mid to end of September, and at that point I should begin producing the first tests runs of modeling on the 3D printer, and if all goes well with that the metal casting will begin. It would be great to have all of that finished by the end of October, but I expect some unforeseen problems may arise, since my understanding of small business startups usually include some sort of hiccups of one form or another.

I’ve been working fourteen to sixteen hours daily, seven days a week since the middle of February. Doing research, taking classes and designing models. I may take a break of a couple of days to refresh my batteries. Looking at a monitor and sitting for that long is wearing me out. But the business is almost there, and our milestone of opening day is close at hand.

I look forward to the equipment testing and use, and metal casting, which at least will get me away from the computer for a while. After that will begin a hard push to the marketing phase and restart of the organic modeling classes, and back to the computer.

Quote of the Day:

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
-Greg Anderson

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