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Wings ‘n Things


I’m having a fun time doing these steampunk designs. Design elements from the early industrial steam age remind me of the mechanical workings of the old fantasy movie of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus submarine, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. I have cogs, steam pipes, steam cylinders and pistons waiting to be cobbled together into several different designs. Even the structure, with its ornate Victorian “gingerbread”, held together with rivets and nuts and bolts are interesting in their symmetry. I’m working on a wing design at the moment, I’ll use that in a couple of different assembly models.

Much like the piston ring, some of these new designs should have the ability of movement, although the design these for items will take much longer since they are rightly assemblies. The gear cross, for example, consists of twenty-seven pieces using thirteen modeled designs. I do have fun doing these, regardless of the time constraints. I’ll try to complete the steampunk folder before I move on to the remaining folders, since those remaining folders will have designs that shouldn’t take more than a few hours to a couple of days.

I could do the designs “on the fly”, which I’ve already done on a few models. Those only took anywhere from forty minutes to and hour to design, but I’m using expressions on some models that I can use repetitively in other assemblies. Using expressions allows me to scale the individual model up or down by changing one control number.

Back to the “drawing board” for now.

Quote of the week:

“How often the morning sun has surprised him working on some chart which he had begun at night! and how often night has surprised him at a task begun at the break of day”!

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