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3D Printing

The Thanksgiving holiday and preparations caused a delay in our blog and production schedule. Nonetheless, the printing is proceeding smoothly, and although with an initial first misprint, all cylinders are firing now and no other errors have presented themselves. Our first attempt at multiple model, single print, production yielded the following result:


As you can see in the photo, the batwing cross failed. The remaining pieces were perfectly formed and have been placed in line for the first investment and metal casting batch. The Batwing Cross was then printed separately with excellent results, and more prints have since been produced with no failures.

Those parts that have passed the curing stage have already been trimmed of their supports and been sanded smooth at the support points, and await investment casting. I am initially preparing and printing as many silver content model parts as I can, then I will follow with the brass content models, and finally with the print models that will be cast in 18k gold. There is much preprint setup that is required, such as developing and adding the channel sprues that will feed the models of their metal content during casting. This can be somewhat tricky, since the 3D print software will add support points to these sprue channels, and this can make the model quite “busy” with a maze of print supports, which then must be trimmed free for casting purposes. Some of the supports, because of the small scale involved, can be very difficult, if not impossible to remove, so much thought has to be given to placement for optimum casting metal flow, but still enable ease of reaching and clipping away those hard to remove connections.

Quote of the week:

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – Les Brown

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