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Fits and Starts


The best laid plans…

I’ve had a couple of minor setbacks with the results of the equipment and output thereof. I’m not satisfied with the results of the 3D printer “waxes”. Compiling the results of all the initial tests and the wax models for casting, I see about a 40% failure of some sort with the completed prints. Deformation is the biggest drawback. Most of the problems involve underside surfaces, where the layers are not completely deposited. It necessarily causes additional hours of filling with casting wax and delicate hand filing to bring the model to a castable point. I expected more, and certainly a better quality output, from the printer based on the developer’s website promotional photos. Needless to say, it’s delayed our expected output, as I’m still working the kinks out of the production process. So, rather than this week’s expected inclusion of finished pieces, I’m now working to have them completed this coming week. Although, not to completely blame the printer, some of my own designs were flawed with too much material in places, although this can’t be discovered until the piece is finally cast. I’ve since tweaked the affected designs, with the result that they are much more ergonomic and give a better fit or presentation.

Along other fronts, I received very good news from The Redd School. The Science and Robotics class was presented a first place award out of seven schools in the competition. I hope to add a picture of their project soon, to this blogs future admissions.

Quote of the week:

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results – just do the ordinary.”
~Warren Buffet

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