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A Blog from Eastern Europe


Writing a guest blog is an exciting experience, so this creative manager of advanc3Design is with you today to share my input, impressions of this company and personal thoughts on design ideas. My location is in far eastern Europe and this is my first article for the company, you’ve previously seen my early ideas, brought to life by our designer. I, and our marketing advisor, suggested some interesting ideas and directions which required more intense days of work in the past week. My thought is that advanc3Design is a company which produces not only jewelry, it also provides personalized 3D printing, engineering support, product design, manufacturing, model making and entertainment. The diversity of our services keeps our minds sharp and thoughtful.

Another design area of our business is to make kits for children’s creativity, where they can find small figure models to paint or add any decorations they wish such as fabric, beads etc. My niece and her friends like such figures and have a big collection of different horses, dogs, bunnies and dolls decorated in the fascinating manner of kids’ imaginations. They always want more, so we designed several new models and the first figures for decoration are developed and awaiting printing. Our portfolio of product ideas was replenished by amazing steampunk items, stylish home utensils, and funny memory sticks. The coming holidays also make me think about gifts. So on this personal note, I have some questions to ask our dear followers and readers to get a better idea of your interests, which may be included in our future designs.

What kind of gifts do you prefer?
-Little things for everyday life such as keychains, memory sticks, tea bags holders, pen holders, etc.?
-Jewelry and other accessories?
-Larger design items such as vases, figurines, pictures, wall decorations?
-Your own thoughts and ideas?

Your opinions are very important to us. We await your comments.

Quote of the week:

“Fate always offers you two alternatives – the one you should choose, and the one that you choose.”
~Gregory David Roberts

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Instagram is coming!


It’s me again, the German social media manager of advanc3Design. Our designer is currently training his two aides in the shop/office work, that’s why he doesn’t find the time for blogging these days. Besides, he stepped up the piece output by doubling his castings per day. So this is why you have to put up with me today. 😉

Yesterday I started reading a really interesting book. I don’t know if our designer mentioned it in a former blog post, as he read it, too. It’s a bible for everyone who wants to start something and it’s titled: “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki. So far I really love this book and I can’t wait to go on reading it tonight (I always read before I go to sleep). It’s so motivating and inspiring and it’s encouraging the reader to believe in themself and their skills. I can’t recommend the book yet, as I’ve just started reading it, but what I’ve read so far was really good.

Talking of our social media profiles, there are no big news right now. I’m still thinking about a stategy for both Facebook and Twitter. I’m happy that we gained some more Twitter followers this week. Anyway, there are little to no interactions on both Facebook and Twitter yet and that makes me a little sad. I mean, I also manage other Facebook fanpages and Twitter accounts where people love to retweet, share and like my posts. Why not on advanc3Design?

I’ve made the experience that it’s more difficult to reach Americans on Twitter and Co. than Germans. I don’t understand why, because Twitter and Facebook are American social networks. But anyhow, Germans seem to be more active when it comes to sharing, liking and retweeting. That’s at least my experience. Maybe the reason of the little interaction rate is that we haven’t started selling our products yet.

By the way, we are seriously thinking about creating an Instagram account in the near future. I personally love Instagram, so I’d welcome that. But, of course, this makes only sense when we have products to share photos of. So we first have to produce some more pieces, before we can get started on Instagram.

Quote of the Day

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

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Facebook, Twitter & Co.


Today I was asked to write a guest article for this blog. I’m working for advanc3Design as a social media manager and look after our accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Both profiles are still in the early stage of development, but we already have some followers, especially on Twitter.

I’m currently working on a strategy to make our social media appearances more visible and interesting to potential followers. It’s not easy to do that yet, before we started selling. I have already some ideas for the time when we officially “opened” our business. At the moment I’m concentrating on motivational and inspirational quotes, interesting articles as well as our own blog links and photos of our products.

Finding good content to share is a challenge for me, but I enjoy doing that. The social network accounts of advanc3Design are not the only ones I manage. All in all, I’m looking after three Twitter accounts and four Facebook fanpages. Social media is something that interests me a lot and I learnt very much about it in the previous year. To improve my skills, I’m planning to do a course at correspondence school as a social media manager this year.

When we start selling our products, we might also create an Instagram account and share photos of our jewelry there. I would really like that, as I’m a real Instagram fan and made good experiences with this social network.

Quote of the day

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
– Joseph Campbell


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New Beginnings


This newly arrived year takes us immediately into tax season. Although much of my time this past week has been geared to gathering and organizing last year’s expenses, receipts and preparing for our meeting with our CPA, I’ve still managed to complete one casting and I’m in process of completing the adjoining base piece for assembly. Below, you’ll see the Xochipilli model cast in 18k gold, fresh out of the furnace and before buffing and polishing, prior to being fitted on its silver ring base.


Tuesday will see our two volunteer aides arrive and assume some of the office load and also provide some much needed help in the shop, which will allow me some time to get back to continuing the online organic software classes, and to devote time to upgrading our website and card processing links. My volunteers are accomplished artists and crafts-persons with varied artistic skills, which should also generate some fresh  ideas and a separate line of products or two.

The hope is that these additions will speed up, and add to, our production output, which should help get us opened for business at a faster pace.
Quote of the week:

“Non nobis solum nati sumus.
(Not for ourselves alone are we born.)”
~Marcus Tullius Cicero