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Writing a guest blog is an exciting experience, so this creative manager of advanc3Design is with you today to share my input, impressions of this company and personal thoughts on design ideas. My location is in far eastern Europe and this is my first article for the company, you’ve previously seen my early ideas, brought to life by our designer. I, and our marketing advisor, suggested some interesting ideas and directions which required more intense days of work in the past week. My thought is that advanc3Design is a company which produces not only jewelry, it also provides personalized 3D printing, engineering support, product design, manufacturing, model making and entertainment. The diversity of our services keeps our minds sharp and thoughtful.

Another design area of our business is to make kits for children’s creativity, where they can find small figure models to paint or add any decorations they wish such as fabric, beads etc. My niece and her friends like such figures and have a big collection of different horses, dogs, bunnies and dolls decorated in the fascinating manner of kids’ imaginations. They always want more, so we designed several new models and the first figures for decoration are developed and awaiting printing. Our portfolio of product ideas was replenished by amazing steampunk items, stylish home utensils, and funny memory sticks. The coming holidays also make me think about gifts. So on this personal note, I have some questions to ask our dear followers and readers to get a better idea of your interests, which may be included in our future designs.

What kind of gifts do you prefer?
-Little things for everyday life such as keychains, memory sticks, tea bags holders, pen holders, etc.?
-Jewelry and other accessories?
-Larger design items such as vases, figurines, pictures, wall decorations?
-Your own thoughts and ideas?

Your opinions are very important to us. We await your comments.

Quote of the week:

“Fate always offers you two alternatives – the one you should choose, and the one that you choose.”
~Gregory David Roberts

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