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Hi everyone. This is Joe, the owner and operator of advanc3Design. I’ve returned to this week’s blog to give you some updates on recent events. My thanks to my European associates for writing the last few blogs, and giving me some much needed time to concentrate on other aspects of this business. The past three weeks allowed me the time to develop and train my new aides, and establish an organized routine of design and shop work. I’ve also completed several jewelry items and photographed them to be added this website. At this writing, I’m collaborating with a web designer, and we’re improving the website and changing it in preparation for uploading the items I’ve finished. I hope to have twelve items for the initial offerings, with the remaining twelve to be added in the following weeks. Discussions with my designers have led us to plan for the inclusion of additional product lines, which will be evident as added portfolios on the new website. We’ve already completed some items for these portfolios, but those await scheduling by our photographer before we can add them accordingly. We’ve also acquired a new software application which allows us to photograph our hand-sculpted, or assembled, objects and convert them to wire-mesh format which can then be loaded to our 3D printer for  duplication and multiple copies.

We had a setback a couple of weeks ago with our 3D printer. We lost a week of downtime while we worked with the maker’s support team to diagnose and correct some software glitches that caused some synchronization issues with the moving parts. Specifically, the wiper arm was moving too fast and striking the build platform before it could rise out of the way. This caused a “jammed motor” error, and took two technicians over a week to diagnose and direct repairs. All is well now and we’re back on track. We also upgraded our I.T. service to a fiber optic system which now gives us more reliable speeds and connectivity to our support platforms across the web. We hope that these improvements will allow us to speed up all aspects of the business.

Quote of the week:

“Just as the mind emerges from the actions of individual neurons and their cooperation, the success of an organization emerges not only from its individual participants, but also from the interplay between them.”
~Justin Rosenstein

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