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As you may have noticed, our website is in the middle of the upgrade. Toggling back and forth from the old to the new wasted too much time so we decided to scrap the old one entirely and concentrate on organizing the new one on the fly. Our design ideas for the new web page layout are completed, the respective portfolios and intro photos are selected and we are now adding and organizing the gallery hierarchy for each of six subjects. Please excuse our dust as we undergo our construction phase.

For the moment, the portfolio galleries are: Jewelry, Toys, Holiday Themes, Office Products, Home Decor, and Mechanical Design. As soon as the portfolio sub folders are established, we’ll add our selection of craft, office and mechanical design items. There are many items undergoing completion and will be added intermittently in the next month or two.

In conjunction with our collaboration and support of the Science and Robotics class at The Redd School, we are also preparing for a demonstration of our capabilities at the school’s annual Spring festival, scheduled for the end of April.

Quote of the week:

“The road to success is always under construction.”
~Arnold Palmer

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