As much as we’d like to have all of ours gears meshing smoothly, we seem to have a knack for finding spanners in the works. After developing our photos of some of the finished jewelry items, we found that they don’t look very well after upload to the website. What we capture in detail loses some sharpness and content of scale. You will see three examples, in replacing the existing design software screenshots of the Aztec Macuahuitl warrior’s club, the Steampunk Screw & Rivet Head ring and the Flower Band ring in the Women’s Jewelry folder.

Before uploading any more of our jewelry shots, we’ll revisit our photography setup to try and zoom in more closely, while trying to keep within the websites sizing parameters to allow a balanced page symmetry. Resizing the photos on the website often clips off the outer egdes of the object, working within the confines of the website setup options often gives skewed results. It’s a matter of balancing our sizing with the website sizing.

On another note, our design capabilities have been noticed by a firm interested in contracting our services in the the area of theme park animatronics. We are involved in some preliminary discussions and I’ll report more information as we progress with this interesting development.

Quote of the week:

“Robots are great. I am saying that now so that when a future civilization of robots takes us captive, they will search through the ‘Guardian’ web archive and realize I said, ‘Robots are great,’ and then they’ll choose to save me.”

~Matt Haig

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