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Land Sharks


The title of this blog refers to lawyers. We’ve only one more policy to complete, out of nine of the website terms and conditions, and this one is something we had hoped to avoid addressing. I refer to the proprietary ownership of our customers personal design.

It was my intent to leave ownership, and time spent, of said design in the hands of the customer, free of charge. I’ve since had to rethink that because of a recent event in the past couple of months. I started a project after a prospective customer contacted us regarding a specific design intent. After some back and forth consultation and design approvals and iterations with a full week of research and subsequent modeling design, the customer was surprised to be presented by someone else with a similarly designed product as a gift. The customer then asked us to defer their design for a later time, if at all. So we lost a valuable week of time and production and learned our lesson.

This leaves us with a couple of options regarding ownership of the design, and time spent. I’d still like to leave ownership of a custom design with the customer, but with provisions. That’s what we’re looking at now in terms of policy and procedures. I hope to have all of this tied up by Monday, then we can proceed with pricing our items and linking our payment service.

Quote of the week:

“Lawyers work hard and, like us, they’re human…, many of them.”
~Dick Cavett

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