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Never-ending Story



Rome wasn’t built in a day. It turns out that initiating the credit card process is not easily accomplished in a one day sitting. There were several videos to watch, interactions with an agent of the service, information forms to be assembled, both of the financial interactions with various banking facilities and those regarding acquiring customer identification, web page links and formatting some additional design elements for that. I had no idea how complicated it would be. So we continue learning the curve and pushing forward with completing the setup.

Hand in hand with that, we’re finishing up two of the last additions to the current posted lineup of jewelry products. The Steamray pendant and the Lace Dragon pendant. The latter is in the final stages of polishing and assembly there only remains the photography and upload thereof to the webpage. The Steamray pendant is awaiting burnishing and assembly too, to be followed with the photographs and upload of those.

We have our first official order. A customer request for the Steampunk Screwhead and Rivet ring.

Quote of the week:

“Sowing and harvesting are the easiest part. The workload in between is the definition of your current state of life.”
~ Oscar Bimpong

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