advanc3Design brings the future to you today. Hi, this is Joe, owner and chief designer of the content on this website. It’s my belief that in a few years, 3D printers will become commonplace in most households, as much as a microwave or a computer is now. Designs for everyday items that require a minimum of moving parts, single form and single use items will be downloaded to your printer for instant production, and use, for pennies on the dollar. We’ll shop for our designs online, saving us time, travel, and fuel, reducing our footprint on the planet, reducing our need for storefronts with their own web of suppliers and personnel. The ability to produce items that are personalized to you, at a cost well below that of assembly line manufacturing is here. The materials available for 3D printing is amazing and along with standard synthetic materials, wood, ceramics, aluminum, brass, bronze and steel can also be extruded into forms, and the list continues to grow.

Our goal is to continue our own growth with the industry, our market and our customers on an individual personal level. Tell us what your idea is, we’ll work with you to bring it to life. If you have designs, we’ll print it for you. If you don’t, we’ll design it for you. Just tell us your idea, it’s yours to keep, we’ll never advertise it or sell it without your express permission.

We are a marketplace for your personalized 3D design, modeling and 3D printing needs. We offer design services, commercial drafting, models of industrial design for trade shows or displays, and promotional items. For the public at large or the art enthusiast, we offer items of a more personalized design and style, such as craft or holiday themed items, based on your individual needs. We will work with you to design and print your ideas. Please visit our galleries for a small sample of what we offer.

Our jewelry items are all hand cast after the initial model is printed in 3D format. The model goes through a two day process of investment casting, wax burnout in a kiln and a final cast in either .999 pure silver, 18k gold, brass or a combination of metals. Post production is usually completed in two hours but may occasionally take a day or two, depending on the complexity of the design. Production is started upon order and shipment to the customer is generally two days after an order is received. Some designs that are more complex will, of course, require longer post production.